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Being a companion is not a sin, and that is why many countries have accepted this profession. Prostitution has existed for many years. They are people with money who request these services to fulfill their sexual fantasies. But being a companion is not the same as being a prostitute. Although their services are similar, they are two different professions.

Today, prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the world, where women practice it. In the year 2400 BC, the first records of this profession were released in Sumerian brothels or temples. At that time, there was a goddess of love, sex, and a war called Inanna, who, in addition to protecting the crown, protected prostitutes.

Time and stories have not helped much since many countries still do not accept prostitution as a profession. At this moment, it is considered as trafficking in white, a humiliation of women, and a profession born from slavery. The escorts new york or prostitutes managed to have excellent benefits and social positions thanks to the gods.

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You can call the local escorts or company ladies, with services that can involve sex if they wish. Certainly today, this profession is much more dangerous than before and is one of the most criticized in the world. It is why girls have asserted their rights, and there are already several countries that have accepted and legalized this profession.

When they talk about a prostitute, it is about a woman who offers her sexual services quickly and in exchange for money. Unless private escorts provide escort services, it doesn't have to involve sex. Her services are hired by people with power and money who need them for their social or work events.

Escorts have the advantage of going on trips with their clients, and as long as they wish, they enjoy the best benefits. They can even compare the prices of escorts with prostitutes, they are much higher, and they are very attractive women. You will see that all of them look like models since it is one of the most fundamental requirements in this business.

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